Gender disparity in the arts is a well-documented and increasingly publicized issue, yet real progress for women in the art world has been limited at best. While this disparity is not seen in art education—half of MFA degrees are obtained by women—in nearly every professional sphere of the institutional art world, structures that exclude female voices continue to exist. This problem permeates many parts of the art world, from galleries to museums—for example, work by women artists makes up only 3–5% of major permanent collections. Outside of the United States these prejudices become much more dramatic, especially in countries where gender gaps are more pronounced. In the burgeoning contemporary art capital of Mexico City, approximately 20% of artists represented by galleries are female, and in 2017 only around 15% of solo and group shows were dedicated to female artists.

We believe that by leveraging a strong network of female artists, curators, and collectors, LAR will create a platform that educates women with cultural acumen about the power of supporting female-driven artwork. By functioning as a non-profit, LAR is an organization focused on creating value through a socially oriented cultural space dedicated to female artistic expression via exhibition. Its approach to a collector base will not be through sales, but rather through educational programming dedicated to bringing long overdue awareness to the value and potential of female artistic expression.